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Kinda of a store front!

Still working on a tru full store with all the possible creations, for now I have a new Gateway that works with a few


If something is not there that you want please let me know and I can work something out

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Twisted World here we Come!

We are super excited to be heading to Twisted World next week, we'll have Pasties, Skirts, Tops, Tiny Hats, gloves, Latex stuffed animals and more!
And if you didn't see Miracle Mead Photography is doing some great give-aways!

Stop by to check out our One Offs, including a Mermaid Tail, NeccoMimi ear covers, ect
If we don't have it we can take measurements right there!

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All the new!

New banners are in the works, as is the store. FINALLY!
While I am totally fine taking email orders, etsy was just not a 3rd party nor is facebook for stores.

And again! We will be in PA this coming March for The Twisted World!
(rumor has it there is a pool and maybe I will bring mermaid tales!)

SO on to teh NEW!

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Another Con?

We had such a fun time at Arisia we have decided to do another Con in 9 weeks!
Stepping a bit further from our Boston home base we will be heading to Pennsylvania in March for The Twisted World

and we have to give a big thank you to the Miracle Men of for offering us some very coveted booth space!

Hope to see some fans and Make lots of new friends!

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Arisia 2014!

Yes, if you happened to read about it over on FB or saw it in the Vendors list of the Arisia we are Vending this year!

We plan to have a modest selection of skirts, tops, gloves, stuffed animals, ect with some fun effects.

If you stop by and see something you like but is not in your size or color preference, a 50% deposit by Saturday will have it to you by the end of the con!

Hoping to see lots of new people!


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Now teaching Classes!

Yep! classes are now happening! We are gonna start this off easy with combining 101 and Kitty ears.

more info ->

hope to see you there!

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Where the hell is the shop?

Still working on that!

Life is kinda busy with other things and my web master has just started a new job. So for now please just email or contact us thru FB

Which BTW facebook has new projects, my ramblings, contests, sale items, ect So like us on Facebook and don't miss a thing!

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Indiegogo GO!

So we are having a fund raiser! Please check it out and chip in if you can!

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Rubenesque Robbed!

So in case you had not heard we got robbed Christmas Eve. We are pretty sure it was a someone with a grudge due to the fact my Latex was stolen or ripped to shreds, my partners toys, both laptops were stolen and both desk tops are broken, things thrown every where and Xmas gifts stolen.

We were just starting to plan a wedding. If anyone wanted to help us out please considering donating so we can try to replace some stuff. Also, If you could keep an eye out for our things being sold or worn, that would be fabulous.

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The world did NOT end

And because we are all happy to still be alive, for the next week you can get 12% off your order!

*rush fees still apply, all order set to start after the new year.

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