Rubenesque Latex focuses on creating unique, beautiful, quality latex clothing for everyone. Founded upon the belief that latex can look beautiful on all figures, designer Doll Hart strives to overcome the stereotype perpetuated by the majority of latex companies that latex looks best on traditionally marketed bodies. We believe that all women can not only wear latex, but that all body shapes deserve stunning clothing designed with them in mind.

Rubenesque Latex also endeavors to make latex more accessible to the public by focusing on mix and match designs and color pallets. Doll recognizes that latex is an expensive investment. However, by creating designs that can easily be matched with other pieces, Ms. Hart makes it possible to create multiple phenomenal outfits out of only a few items of clothing. At Rubenesque Latex, we hope that sexy latex clothing can become an affordable and diverse part of your closet.

Rubenesque Latex also offers a unique finishing process that turns static prone, difficult to put on latex into an almost satin like material. This process eliminates the need for lube in both ease of dressing and shine. The elimination of silicone lube means you can now dance with the sexy man in leather without the fear of destroying his pants. Rubenesque’s finishing process eliminates all fear of greasy trails and ruined furniture resulting in ease of mind for the wearer.

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